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Changes since 12.12.13 -> D64Lister V1.7.3
* Changed OSVersion Detection to detect further Versions from Windows
* Tried to make it compatible with Windows8.1 and Windows10
* Added "Sprite-BASIC V1" as an Extension of BASIC3.5 to the Custom TokenTable
* Added some additional BASIC Extensions to the Custom TokenTable
* Fixed wrong format for Filesize in Blocks
* Dir abort at 0x00 only at three following Zeros
* Added Export Selected Files im BAMViewer
* Added Key "e" in BAMViewer Filelist to export selected Files
* Added Key "n" and "p" for selecting Next and Previous Block in BAMViewer
* Added "Show FontID" in GeoWrite Viewer to show the used FontID
* Added "Use FontTable" to assign GeoWrite FontIDs to PC Fonts as a Lookup Table via *.ini File
* Added "Show PrintText Colors" in GeoWrite Viewer to Show PrintText Docs
* Added the possibility to change the PrintText Color Palette via *.ini File 
* Added "Show Grid" to GEOS ShowFont Viewer
* Changed the Default Color Palette to Coco 1.2a Definitions
* Added the possibility to change the Default Color Palette via *.ini File
* Changed the handling of German SpecialChars in GEOS Files in the Lister Options
* Fixed Bug in GeosDetails Sort by Date Time
* Fixed some memory leakage Bugs
* Some codereview and optimizations
* Little SpeedUpdate ;-)
* Used UPX 3.94 for Exe compressing...visit https://upx.github.io for info

Changes since 16.06.12 -> D64Lister V1.7.2
* Exported Project to BCB5
* Changes to make it compile with BCB5
* Changes to use the new features of BCB5
* Newer Versions of 3rd Party Components used
* Tried to make it compatible with Windows8
* Added Selecting Filegroups with SHIFT in Extended OpenDialog
* Added MouseWheel Support for some Controls
* Added Option for further Listing Directions aborted with 0x00
* Added Support for local *.ini File (same Directory as the D64Lister.EXE) to  make the D64Lister portable
* Added Resizing to BAMViewer with dynamic Font scaling
* Added some more Window Size savings to *.ini
* Added Workaround for Modal Windows and Windows 64Bit
* Fixed Bug in MainForm and TOK64 Save Import File as ANSI Textfile
* Fixed Bug in Saving Extended OpenDialog Width
* Fixed Display Bug while selecting in the TokenTable
* Fixed some memory leakage Bugs
* Fixed some other Bugs
* Changed limits from 664 to 683 and from 749 to 768 Blocks in BAMViewer
* Changed *.ini File Location to Users Application Data Path due to newer Windows Versions (WinXP up)
* Changed *.ini File Handling for GEOS Functions
* Changed Temp File Handling
* Changed Mouse Wheel Handling
* Changed ShowFont and PhotoScrap Zoom and Window behaviour
* Changed ShowFont Error Handling
* Changed Extended OpenDialog Directory Selection
* Changed HTML Export of GeosDetails to more compatible HTML Files
* Some codereview and optimizations

Changes since 22.12.11
* Fixed Bug in C64Screen MaxText
* Fixed Bug in C64Screen displaying some chars in wrong reverse state

Changes since 20.07.11
* Added Customization of Header Style
* Added Save Complete Bitmap for C64Screen
* Added "Graphic Booster 128" to the Custom TokenTable
* Changed Handling of Crosslinked Directories in BAMViewer
* Used UPX 3.08 for Exe compressing...visit http://upx.sourceforge.net for info

Changes since 15.10.10 -> D64Lister V1.7.1
* Added C64Screen for BlockViewer, FileViewer, FileImport and TOK64
* Added WorkAround for Saving RTF Text with Symbolic Fonts fixing disappearing Backslashes
* Added MouseWheel Support for some Controls
* Added more diagnostic to the TokenTable
* Added "Graphics BASIC" to the Custom TokenTable
* Changed BlockViewer, FileViewer, FileImport and TOK64 Handling
* Changed Load / Save for RichEdit Controls
* Changed Font Assignment for RichEdit Controls
* Fixed Bug in GeosDetails->FileExistsDialog->Autorename using the wrong Basename
* Fixed some Bugs
* Little SpeedUpdate ;-)
* Used UPX 3.07 for Exe compressing...visit http://upx.sourceforge.net for info

Changes since 13.08.10
* Added "Special BASIC" to the Custom TokenTable
* Fixed some Bugs in the TokenTable and TokenTable Handling

Changes since 22.04.10
* Fixed Bug in saving "C64 Program without Startaddress"

Changes since 27.02.10
* Tried to make it compatible with Windows7
* Added saving state of Wordwrap and StayOnTop in *.ini File
* Fixed Animation in Extended OpenDialog with Windows Vista and above
* Fixed Bug in Extended OpenDialog with WinXP causing a Deadlock on some Systems
* Fixed Bug in GEOS Functions with small (1 Block) Photoscraps

Changes since 16.06.08 -> D64Lister V1.7
* Added New BASIC Token Table
* Added Support for CSV Token Table Files
* Added SpecialChar interpretation for Listing
* Added logging of faulty Images
* Added support for broken Files in GeosDetails, FileViewer and TOK64
* Added support for *.*D64* D64 Files
* Added Import Functions for *.TXT, *.RTF and *.PRG Files
* Added FontDialog for Main Functions and TOK64
* Changed the BASIC Token Management completely
* Changed Memory Management completely
* Changed GEOSDetails ListView Component to something own
* Changed Color Management for TOK64
* Changed some Dialogs and Messages
* Changed some Chars in the PETSCII->ASCII Conversion Tab
* Changed some Options (please update your settings)
* Fixed Bug in truncate Text for Win9x/WinNT
* Fixed Access Violation caused by GEOSDetails ListView with many entries
* Fixed Bug in Saving FileViewer Text
* Fixed some other little Bugs
* Some codereview and optimizations
* Documentation reworked
* Little SpeedUpdate ;-)
* Used UPX 3.04 for Exe compressing...visit http://upx.sourceforge.net for info

Changes since 18.01.07 -> D64Lister V1.6.3
* Tried to make it compatible with Vista
* Added more than 144 Files mode
* Added PrologicDos Support
* Added 40 Tracks Autodetect Mode
* Added Window Resize in Extended OpenDialog
* Added Additional Special locations in Extended OpenDialog InitialDir
* Changed Extended OpenDialog Special Dir handling on Show
* Changed Custom Header generation (update your settings)
* Changed BAMViewer activation and Image Reload handling
* Changed Keyboard Zoom in C64Screen and PhotoAlbumViewer to Main Keyboard, too
* Some codereview and optimizations
* Used UPX 3.03 for Exe compressing...visit http://upx.sourceforge.net for info

Changes since 15.08.06
* Again Bug in displaying Icons in Extended OpenDialog with WinXP (forgotten to scroll them horizontally)

Changes since 20.07.04
* Fixed Bug in displaying Icons in Extended OpenDialog with WinXP (why the hell nobody told me?)
* Fixed Bug in Extended OpenDialog Initial Dir and Select Path handling
* Workaround to fix access violation from APFolderDialog at closing the Lister on some Systems

Changes since 10.07.03
* Added use of Temp Path Environment Variable from Windows
* Some Fonts caused an access violation in FontViewer due to corrupted FontSizes. Catched.
* Used UPX 1.25 for Exe compressing...visit http://upx.sourceforge.net for info

Changes since 17.05.03 -> D64Lister V1.6.2
* Added full 40 Tracks Support in all Functions
* Added ErrorDialog with Terminal Font for more adequate Filename display
* Added ViewFile and Detokenize Keys at BAMFileList (press key v/t)
* Added "BAMFileList default opened" and "Show Chain default checked" Options in FileViewerOptions
* Added "German Special Chars" for Terminal Font (MainForm and BAMViewer)
* Changed OptionsDialogs in Style
* Changed BAMViewer in Style (dockable BAMFileList)
* Changed Drag&Drop Component to something own
* Workaround to display Icons in Extended OpenDialog under WinXP
* Some codereview and optimizations

Changes since 14.05.03
* Fixed Bug causing an access violation in C64Screen with WinXP

Changes since 26.04.03 -> D64Lister V1.6.1
* Added SaveDialog for C64Screen
* Added Zoom in/Zoom out in C64Screen
* Little SpeedUpdate for C64Screen (rewritten drawing algorithm)

Changes since 30.01.03
* Added reverse chars in C64Screen (don't know why I haven't implemented them before)
* Changed colors in C64Screen

Changes since 22.12.02
* Fixed bug in Extended Opendialog causing an access violation at filesearch

Changes since 11.07.02 -> D64Lister V1.6
* Added AutoScroll for Extended OpenDialog
* Added Edit StartAddresses for Basic Detokenizer
* Added "Save Icons" and "Save List as CSV" in GeosDetails
* Added 5 times click on the "Abort" Button for enabling controls back (as a backdoor)
* Added Activate/Deactivate AutoPopup in BAMViewer for images with errorlog (press key a/d)
* Added Header and Footer display for GeoWriteViewer
* Added full GeoWriteImage 2.1 Support
* Added Fulljustify and Kontur Style for GeoWrite (aren't displayed in GeoWriteViewer)
* Added "Momochrome scraps" Option for GeoWrite
* Changed "SelectFolder" to "SHBrowseForFolder"
* Changed "Start with Parameter", isn't limited to one image anymore and uses LongFileNames
* Changed BlockViewer/FileViewer to show both Chars and HexNumbers
* Changed code to use more GeosDetails Icons (was limited to 6238)
* Changed code to use the "Select Path" Option in every SaveDialog
* Changed GeoWriteViewer to export to Word/StarOffice/... correctly
* Fixed bug in GeosFilesExport if File not exists
* Fixed little bug in GeoWriteViewer for GeoWrite 1.1
* Fixed Tabs in GeoWriteViewer for GeoWrite 1.1
* Fixed Linespacings and SubScript in GeoWriteViewer
* Some changes for stability and safety
* Some codereview
* Little ;-) SpeedUpdate for listing

Changes since 17.05.02 -> D64Lister V1.5.3
* Added "Monochrome" Switch in GeoPaintViewer
* Changed numbersystem in BlockOwner for VLIR files a bit
* Fixed Bug in GeoWriteViewer causing sometimes wrong styles
* Fixed Repaint Bug in FileViewer
* Fixed MainMenu in FileViewer

Changes since 27.04.02 -> D64Lister V1.5.2
* Used old AdvListView Component again in GeosDetails because of Bug in columnsorting
* Changed Extended OpenDialog->FileList Component to something own due to WinXP compatibility
* Made PhotoAlbums exportable
* Fixed Bug in GeoWrite export
* Added "Fit To Window" in PhotoAlbumViewer

Changes since 19.03.02 -> D64Lister V1.5.1
* Added Option "Translate Spiecialchars" in FileViewer
* Added Option "Align to 16 columns" in FileViewer
* Added a new colour in BASIC detokenizer, Optional BASICs are now displayed gray
* Removed limit of 20000 images at once. Now the Lister doesn't limit the max. amount
* Added "Time left" display
* Added autosize to the PhotoAlbumViewer for all Scraps
* Changed PhotoAlbumViewer to non modal (you mustn't close it for a new album)
* Added BlockViewer in BAM Viewer/Block Owner/ FileViewer (RightClick a Block)
* Added Save...as ANSI file in MainMenu
* Changed calc_offset routine
* Added Option for crosslinked dirs to abort all further ones ("Ignore" in MessageBox)
* Tried to make it compatible with all Windows Versions (Win9x, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP?)

Changes since 24.02.02 -> D64Lister V1.5
* Added FileViewer in BAM Viewer/Block Owner (RightClick a File)
* Added BASIC Detokenizer in FileViewer (thanks to Cris Berneburg (TOK64) and Jouko Valta (PETCAT))
* Added OptionsDialog for FileViewer
* Changed options for "newlines for PhotoScraps" in GeoWrite Viewer
* Added "Show page numbers"

Changes since 13.02.02 -> D64Lister V1.4.5
* Added new popupmenu for GeoWrite viewer
* Option "Add newline before and after a photoscrap" in GeoWrite viewer
* Changed error handling for BAM Viewer/Block Owner
* New Option: "Show 'Saved to...' Message"

Changes since 01.02.02 -> D64Lister V1.4.4
* Workaround for Bug in extended recursive OpenDialog... Sometimes you had to click on another dir first instead the wanted dir.
* Some other changes

Changes since 12.12.01 -> D64Lister V1.4.3
* Changed chars $40, $7f, $80 in GeoWrite viewer (thanks to Werner Weicht)

Changes since 19.11.01 -> D64Lister V1.4.2
* Added GEOS Info Block in BAM Viewer/Block Owner
* Some more error handling
* Added "FindText" in the list on the main window

Changes since 10.11.01 -> D64Lister V1.4.1
* Improved memory management
* Fixed memory Bug in GeoWrite Viewer
* Improved BuildHeader routine
* Added "german special chars" for GEOS
* Added "Show Chain" in BAM Viewer/Block Owner
* Some little other changes

Changes since 01.11.01
* New "STOP button" for interrupting listing actions
* Fixed some bugs (convert GEOS Disknames)
* Changed "list button" routine
* Changed Drag&Drop routine
* Fixed and extended print in GEOS Details
* Fixed Block Owner in BAM viewer for VLIR files

Changes since 06.10.01 -> D64Lister V1.4
* Added Block Owner in BAM viewer
* some little other changes

Changes since 09.09.01 -> D64Lister V1.3.6
* Little speed update for the recursive OpenDialog
* Added custom Header
* Put generate ASCII File on the mainform
* Changed PETSCII->ASCII conversion tab a bit (the pi char and some others)
* Save imagecontext as Richtext format

Changes since 08.03.01 -> D64Lister V1.3.5
* Little speed update

Changes since 09.01.01 -> D64Lister V1.3.4
* Added ruler to GeoWrite viewer
* Added initial dir to extended OpenDialog
* Added the ability to delete error infos
* Changed ASCII->PETSCII conversion tab a bit

Changes since 27.12.00 -> D64Lister V1.3.3
* Handle directories with invalid sector links
* Adding header at pressing "list button", drop image and open with parameter

Changes since 26.12.00 -> D64Lister V1.3.2
* Integrated diskerrors in BAM viewer

Changes since 21.12.00 -> D64Lister V1.3.1
* added BAM viewer
* some little changes

Changes since 18.12.00 -> D64Lister V1.3
* Added ToolBar
* Added diskerror infos like Star Commander (images with filesize 175531 bytes)

Changes since 14.12.00 -> D64Lister 1.2.3
* Added ability to edit subitems in GEOS file details
* Added DragDrop for d64 images on Mainform
* Added some safety

Changes since 07.12.00 -> D64Lister V1.2.2
* Fixed bug in photoscrap viewer
* Added monochrome option for photoscraps
* Changed photoalbum viewer
* Some litte other changes

Changes since 28.11.00
* Change fontsize on resize

Changes since 20.11.00
* Use now "terminal" font (in windows implemented) and OEM_CHARSET in RichEdit on the mainform. Now the imagecontext is displayed correctly in the lister.

Changes since 18.11.00
* Now you can add the loading path to the header for every image

Changes since 18.10.00
* Added PhotoScrap viewer
* Added PhotoScraps in GeoWrite files
* Added Photoalbum viewer
* Fixed "does not save in normal OpenDialog" Bug
* Fixed Font ID calculation (is 2 bytes long)

Changes since 16.09.00 -> D64Lister V1.2
* Added formats, styles and fontsizes to the GeoWrite viewer (riched32.dll needed (supplied with Win98 or IE4))
* Added extended recursive OpenDialog (comctl32.dll V4.70 or higher needed)
* New option extended OpenDialog -> normal OpenDialog
* Adapted the filename generation (default names)
* Show savename after saving
* No filelimits in GEOS Details anymore
* Added statusbars

Changes since 13.09.00
* Fixed the GeoPaint viewer for monochrome pics, now it works with all pics

Changes since 04.09.00 -> D64Lister V1.1
* Added GeoPaint viewer
* Added export function in GEOS details for selected items
* Fixed some little bugs
* Fixed bug in fontviewer (reported corrupt, but the font wasn´t corrupt)
* Increased speed in the fontviewer

Changes since 30.08.00 -> D64Lister V1.0.5
* Added GEOS fontviewer
* Added some image error handling
* Added sortdirection glyphs in GEOS details
* Ignore wrong disktype (should be 41 or 00)

Changes since 29.08.00
* Modified handling of GEOS files
* Deleted Options Button for GEOS Details in the Options Dialog
* Added Choice Box to select GEOS Info Block Items for saving and printing

Changes since 28.08.00
* Added to open the D64Lister with an image as parameter
* Added filetype in GEOS Details

Changes since 18.08.00
* Added Font ID and available Point Sizes instead of author and application for GEOS Fonts in the GEOS Details.

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