Interview mit Werner van Loo

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Interview mit Werner von Loo, alias WVL of Xenon
Bekannt als Programmierer von Pinball Dreams C64
Geführt von Thorsten Schreck
Geführt am 2005
Erstveröffentlichung 4. Juli 2005 im C64-Wiki

Pinball dreams 64 mitte.gif

How did you come to the C64-Scene?

This was way back in the early nineties, when some friends of me and I decided to make a demo (we had seen some on game-on and magic-disks, and we wanted to try this too!)

What otherwise do you make (job,...)?

I'm an experimental physicist working at the university trying very hard to get my promotion :-)

Pinball Dreams C64 is developed since 2002, when is it finished?

We want to finish it by easter 2006, so we can compete at the 96K game compo at Breakpoint in germany!

On your web page is not current which of the 18 points today is settled?

hmmm.. that webpage is really old *smile*, the game right now uses a completely different engine from the one that I first developed, so there are not really that much things in common.. Just forget about the homepage :-)

The Spritelayer appears in the current Preview version, when there the Spirtes comes purely?

There's no sprite-layer in the game. I wanted to use that in the old version, which used the REU (Ram Expansion Unit) (with the REU the flippers would not need to be made from sprites, but could be done using normal bitmap gfx, so we could add a sprite layer if we made the ball singlecolor).
I'm glad we left the sprite layer out and made the ball use overlay sprites instead :-)

In the development team were still two further members, are still active?

Mainly it's just me and Jackasser/instinct

How much time do you code for Pinball Dreams C64 per week?

Depends from 0 to max 10 hours a week...

The music is not from the Nightmare-machine, why?

You must be mistaken *smile* the music IS from the nightmare machine, but is not 100% complete yet!

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