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Jamming Signal BBS (in Toronto, Canada) war eine Mailbox für C64-Nutzer.

Über das Internet ist nachwievor eine auf C64-Hardware betriebene BBS erreichbar:

telnet bbs.jammingsignal.com

Login-Sitzung bis zum Hilfemenü:

Jamming Signal BBS @ 1200bps

please select terminal type:

1) ascii (standard telnet, default)
2) petscii c/g (cgterm, cbmterm, c64)

Connecting using ASCII mode.

Welcome to ::|:{Jamming Signal BBS|:::
Run on a REAL Commodore 64!
Located in Toronto, Canada.

No color? Download CGTerm!

For more information, please visit

If you are just having a look,
please login as GUEST, password
guest.  If you wish to apply for
permanent membership, login as


Calling from ORT/LAND
Your user # is 999
You last called on 21 Nov 93
Todays date is 12 Oct 96
The last caller was GUEST
You are caller # 11817
You have UL/DL Access
You have uploaded 0 files.
You have downloaded 0 files.
You have called 3 times.
There is a 45 minute time limit.
Logging you in...
Checking for Mail...

Sorry, no Mail this time...

    SPACE to Abort - * to Pause

Welcome to Jamming Signal BBS!
No recent news.

For all your Telnet BBS questions,
go to http://forums.petscii.com

EBBS isn't Y2K compliant, that's
why the date is set 20 years back.

Leif Bloomquist, Sysop
email: leif schemafactor com

BBS Command :?

::|:Jamming Signal BBS|::: *Main Menu*

[{A] {Message Bases (start here)
[{B] Repeat Opening Bulletin
[{C] Display Caller Log
[{D] Show Date & Time
[{E] Send Personal Mail
[{F] Send Sysop Feedback
[{M] Read Your Mail
[{Q] Quit/Logoff
[{T] Text Section
[{U] User Search/Display
[{V] EBBS Version/Information
[{S] Page Sysop for Chat
[{*] Toggle Auto-Pause

(X) Upload/Dowload Section

BBS Command :

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