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Liste aller Spiele geordnet nach Anzahl der Votes (Stimmen) und Bewertungen.

Maniac MansionThe Great Giana SistersZak McKracken and the Alien MindbendersPirates!Impossible Mission
Bubble BobbleInternational KarateArchonWinter GamesBoulder Dash
IK+Summer GamesThe Last NinjaCalifornia GamesParadroid
TurricanPitstop IIH.E.R.O. Helicopter Emergency Rescue OperationGhosts'n GoblinsLast Ninja 2
World GamesKatakisGhostbustersTurrican IIElite
Wizard of WorArkanoidFort ApocalypseBlue MaxKaiser
Space TaxiBruce LeeCommandoMicroprose SoccerLode Runner
Defender of the CrownThe Way of the Exploding FistInternational SoccerSummer Games IIM.U.L.E.
The Bard's Tale1942Aztec ChallengeLeaderboardDavid's Midnight Magic
Law of the WestThe Castles of Doctor CreepDecathlonDonkey Kong (Atarisoft)Choplifter
R-TypeDonald Duck's PlaygroundTest DriveB.C.'s Quest for TiresLittle Computer People
HawkeyeNebulusBuggy BoyWonder BoyLemmings
WizballTest Drive IIArkanoid: Revenge of DohGauntletBurger Time
Rainbow IslandsOil ImperiumGrand Prix CircuitSuper CycleKrakout
UridiumBomb JackRaid over MoscowTo Be On TopDig Dug
Skate or Die!SpindizzyWho Dares Wins IIRiver RaidNeuromancer
They Stole a MillionBarbarian - The Ultimate WarriorImpossible Mission IIWho Dares WinsSpy vs Spy
Falcon Patrol IIZaxxon (Synapse)SnoopyVermeerHard'n'Heavy
Airborne RangerNorth & SouthCaveman Ugh-LympicsPitstopBurnin Rubber
Asterix and the Magic CauldronArmalyteKung-Fu MasterThe GooniesPaperboy
The Train – Escape to NormandyMontezuma's RevengeLast Ninja 3AlleykatGreen Beret
Archon II - AdeptInto the Eagle's NestSamantha Fox Strip PokerSeven Cities of GoldProject Firestart
Mr. Robot and his Robot FactoryTrailblazerHighnoonBuck Rogers - Planet of ZoomScarabæus
Beach-HeadMurder on the MississippiKennedy ApproachWest BankGrand Monster Slam
Jack the Nipper II – Coconut CapersPac-ManClownsThe Last V8Dino Eggs
Beach-Head II – The dictator strikes backArctic ShipwreckLe Mans3D PinballX-Out
Lords of DoomThe Games – Summer EditionBattleshipsAce of AcesStreet Surfer
BarbieRodlandCauldronRevs+Trivial Pursuit
DropzoneThe Games – Winter EditionJumpman JuniorB.C. II - Grog's RevengeCliff Hanger
AgricolaDesert FoxJumpmanAlternative World GamesClever & Smart
Dragon WarsCreaturesTurrican IIIOils WellSolomon's Key
Miner 2049'erJack the NipperForbidden ForestGalaxy (Kingsoft)Glücks-Rad (Gametek)
Enduro RacerDefenderUltima III – ExodusHeart of AfricaAtomino
Ultima VI – The False ProphetHanseStunt Car RacerDeflektorOut Run (EU)
Stix (Supersoft)Return of the Jedi4x4 Off-Road RacingWinter Olympiad 88Strip Poker
Star Wars (Domark)Jupiter LanderMafiaEnforcerSteel Thunder
FuggerRick DangerousRaid on Bungeling BayIO – Into OblivionFrankie goes to Hollywood
TetrisBurger Time '97Spy HunterSword of FargoalBounty Bob Strikes Back!
Koronis RiftColossus ChessBattle through TimeGyrussLazy Jones
Indiana Jones and the last CrusadeSave New YorkAlien SyndromeTapperFrogger (Parker Brothers)
ZorroBeamriderBattle ChessThe Empire Strikes BackDouble Dragon (Melbourne House)
Mr.Do!PlatoonZoo ManiaSphericalJoe Gunn - Gold Edition
Barry McGuigan World Championship BoxingStreet Sports BasketballHyper SportsMadnessSkramble
Combat SchoolBlue Angel 69MikieOperation WolfAliens (Activision)
Robin of the WoodZeppelinRambo: First Blood Part IIPac-LandFriday the 13th
Attack of the Mutant CamelsHighlanderPrince of PersiaMission ElevatorG.I. Joe
DruidHat TrickThe Big DealBanditsFlaschbier 2007
Indoor SportsGhettoblasterSummer OlympiadAliens (Electric Dreams Software)5th Gear
Mountie Mick's DeathrideIndiana Jones and the Temple of DoomThe North Sea InfernoThe SentinelTau Ceti
Ultima IV – Quest of the AvatarSpelunkerDeltaS.E.U.C.K.Theatre Europe
Target RenegadeRoad RunnerMechanicusKaratekaA Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Bop'n RumbleSquish 'emMs. Pac-ManJungle HuntPole Position
GryzorMario Bros (Atari)ACE: Air Combat EmulatorCrazy CometsCongo Bongo (1983)
Dinky DooHot WheelsAlter EgoMidnight ResistanceWonder Boy in Monster Land
The EidolonCybernoid: The Fighting MachineMonty on the RunFrogger (Sierra Online, Inc.)Street Sports Baseball
The Trap DoorOne on One: Julius Erving and Larry BirdApollo 18 – Mission to the MoonFrantic FreddieSplit Personalities
Pharaoh's CursePooyanMaster of the LampsPower at SeaStreet Sports Soccer
Black HawkBattleTech – The Crescent Hawk's InceptionBedlamLightforceKane
Iridis AlphaExterminatorDragonsdenGorfIndiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
GremlinsDancing MonsterWastelandPool of RadianceIt's Magic
CrillionBomberman C64FireTrapOmidarThrust
Flimbo's QuestVendettaSuper PipelineHunter's MoonSkyfox
HostagesChampions of KrynnBrickoutMega ApocalypseSpace-Pilot
Nibbly '92PacmaniaProject Stealth FighterArtillery DuelThe Movie Monster Game
StrategoHackerHover BovverPitfall (Activision)Night Mission Pinball
PHM PegasusVixenBozo's Night OutGold QuestGold Quest II
I, BallPinball SpectacularTimes of LoreNipponSinbad and the Throne of the Falcon
BombuzalAccolade ComicsPinball Dreams C64 PreviewPac-ManiaThe Untouchables
Gribbly's Day OutGBA Championship Basketball (Two on Two)Metal WarriorLog!calBMX Simulator
Henry's HouseSlap FightRally SpeedwayCavelonMoon Patrol
Flight Simulator IIWavy NavyPengoGold Quest IIIDucks Ahoy!
Slalom (Ultimax)Shadow of the BeastKlaxBlaggerWarhawk
Licence to KillDrelbsNeptune's DaughtersJet Set WillyHypa-Ball
Ultima I – The First Age of DarknessTurrican III PreviewTazzThe Living DaylightsBlueprint
Magic MadnessCoalminerIron HorseJack AttackEskimo Games
Secret of KandarOelMario Bros (Ocean)Indiana Jones in the Lost KingdomConan
Star Wars (Parker Brothers)Rainbow DragonColorsRadar Rat RaceAldebaran
SupergameUltima V – Warriors of DestinyInfiltratorKnight 'n' GrailBarbarian II - The Dungeon of Drax
Crime TimeYie Ar Kung-FuWizardSalamanderPark Patrol
Super NibblyStarquakeCrillion '93ZynapsJim Slim
Mermaid MadnessFootball ManagerWater PoloBundesliga Manager V2.0Lords of Conquest
Manic MinerInfernal RunnerClystronQ*bertGolden Axe
Gateway to ApshaiCaptain BloodMatch PointMarble MadnessJr. Pac-Man
Spike's PeakHades NebulaAlienChambers of ShaolinSabre Wulf
Joe BladePitfall IINight RacerHunchbackTelengard
SnokieKettleOmega RaceBack To The FutureTurmoil
ZauberschloßLunar LeeperBaccarooNewcomerR.M.S. Titanic
ZamzaraUltima II – The Revenge of the Enchantress!Lords of MidnightSanxionSpike
Psi 5 Trading CompanyPP HammerFirst StrikeWinter CampMail Order Monsters
RanaramaDark CavesTrafficLady TutCongo Bongo (1985)
Die Erbschaft – Panik in Las VegasShamusZombiHelikopter JagdNibly
UnderwurldeOlympic SkierBattle of BritainAgent USAApple Cider Spider
Hard Hat MackBrain SpasmYie Ar Kung-Fu IIOn the TilesHägar
Tooth InvadersGlider RiderGold Quest 2007Castle WolfensteinGridrunner
Poster PasterLas Vegas CasinoAxis AssassinCaverns of KhafkaMissile Command
Booga BooHyper DuelImperator (Thomas R. A. Wolf)Gruds in SpaceOut Run (US)
PhobiaStormlordCosmoxSurvivorFire Ant
AirlineMurder on the ZinderneufPuzznicFox Fights Back!Terror Of The Deep
Ad InfinitumEncounterFortress (SSI)Gold Quest 4BoneCruncher
APBPole Position IIArcanaSnareZaxxon (Sega)
Harvey Smith ShowjumperDas Schwarze SchloßStreet Fighter (US Gold)Jammin'Final Fight
Asi – Planet des TodesColor CatcherArcadia 64Jack Charlton's Match FishingErotika
Adventure of the YearGremlins – The AdventureThe RatsF-14 TomcatPortal – A Computer Novel
The Newzealand StoryTh!nk CrossDouble Dragon II - The RevengeThe Fidelity Chessmaster 2100Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road
ComplexEagle EmpireSunny Shine – On the Funny Side of LifeMean StreetsBomb Chase Revival
The HeistThe Blade of BlackpooleKangarudyFairlight – A PreludeOllie's Follies
Space HarrierCrossfireFalcon PatrolSuper Pac-ManPunkt...Punkt...Punkt
GoldshaftMissionF1 ManagerThe Hunt for Red October (1990)Exolon
Revenge of the Mutant CamelsInternational SpeedwayLaser ZoneSpace Battle deluxe V2.3Bomb Squad
Balloonacy 2LazarianSpace TrapGianna Sisters Construction KitBalloonacy
Cosmic CruiserMetaplexGhostbusters IIEagle EyesSammy Lightfoot
Suicide VoyageStreet Fighter IIMemory ManorStreet Fighter (Go!)Mindreader 64
ComputershopPresswurst II Liquid EditionStrike FleetLapis Philosophorum – Der Stein der WeisenSki or Die
Rocket RangerThe Great American Cross-Country Road RaceBatman - The MovieDas DrachentalDrol
Advanced Space BattleRealm of ImpossibilityBrubakerTrash CoursePogo Joe
Son of BlaggerMutantsBatman - The Caped CrusaderSpace PopeGumball
WickedNecromancerThe Curse of SherwoodRex ISu Sweet
Frogger II: ThreeeDeep!Die PyramideChimeraTrollie Wallie3D-Vier-Gewinnt
Happy-ChessLadybugSpittis SearchGun DogsThe Tomb of Dracula
Hyper AggressiveNick Faldo plays the OpenDino WarsNutcrakaGary Lineker's Hot-Shot!
Litti's Hot-Shot!EmanuelleMaria's Christmas BoxCromwell HouseKampf um Thurn
Key FindersRoboxPing PongNATO Commander0° Nord
StarforceAuf Wiedersehen MontyDie HöhleTSBInfiltrator Part II - The Next Day
MasqueradePopeyeChameleonThe Chessmaster 2000Thing on a Spring
Powerplay – The Game of the GodsOperation HongkongKampfgruppeThe YawnFlash!
Rabbit PieShredz64Jara-Tava - The Isle of FireTubyxMicrogo1
SatanLast GladiatorAirwolfSpace BusinessDas Maya-Grab
MicrochessDallax – Sex und Crime in SouthforkBunny JagdSuper SmashA View to a Kill
Dream GirlsErotika IIIUchi MataSatan's HollowShinobi
LoganDirtySpacefighterEureka!Rocket Roger
Sargon IIIGeopolitique 1990Mickey's Space AdventureSerpentineFirequest
Tygus HorxR-Type PreviewCastle of DoomDer verlassene PlanetDie versunkene Stadt
Gold Quest 5Strike Force CobraStellar 7Silicon SyborgsKillerwatt
The Clone WarsHi Ska DoDictatorQuadranoidSex Mission
Asterix und Obelix - Die OdysseyGreenhouseErotika IIThe Master Of MagicDark Lord
StümpDie InselAtlantis (Ariolasoft)The HouseBiff
Battle for NormandySlurpyAstrolabBatalyxSlinky
subLOGIC Scenery DisksMr. CoolOHGDas Grab des PharaoPsycho
Sargon IISalvageReportSpeed-O-CyclesMiami Vice
Fantasy GirlThe SwordA Bee C'sMuellomatLeather Goddesses of Phobos
Der SeelenloseThe Standing StonesShort CircuitRoad to MoscowTuor
The Baker Street Kids – The Boy JesusRings of MedusaColdiarusOdyssey - Kampf mit der WildnisStein der Weisen (Public Domain)
The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny KnightC-2048Arc DoorsDouble Dragon (Ocean)Moby Dick
OBY 1Zauberschloß IIDouble Dragon III - The Rosetta StoneNewquartsQuasimodo - Herrscher der Kartanen
Big Trouble in Little ChinaThe Bard's Tale III: The Thief of FateBionic CommandoGhouls 'n GhostsBionic Commando (USA)
Bit ExorcistHoward the DuckSex GamesHeroes & CowardsDie Prüfung
Mega StarforceWarlordMonty MoleESWATBatty
Limes & NapoleonInka - Schatzsuche am Amazonas   

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