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Liste aller Spiele geordnet nach Anzahl der Votes (Stimmen) und Bewertungen.

Maniac MansionThe Great Giana SistersZak McKracken and the Alien MindbendersPirates!Impossible Mission
Bubble BobbleArchonInternational KarateWinter GamesBoulder Dash
Summer GamesParadroidThe Last NinjaIK+California Games
TurricanH.E.R.O. Helicopter Emergency Rescue OperationPitstop IIGhosts'n GoblinsLast Ninja 2
KatakisWorld GamesTurrican IIWizard of WorGhostbusters
EliteFort ApocalypseArkanoidBlue MaxKaiser
CommandoMicroprose SoccerSpace TaxiBruce LeeLode Runner
The Way of the Exploding FistInternational SoccerSummer Games IIM.U.L.E.Defender of the Crown
1942The Bard's TaleDavid's Midnight MagicAztec ChallengeLeaderboard
The Castles of Doctor CreepDonkey Kong (Atarisoft)ChoplifterLaw of the WestR-Type
DecathlonB.C.'s Quest for TiresLittle Computer PeopleTest DriveHawkeye
Buggy BoyDonald Duck's PlaygroundWonder BoyLemmingsTest Drive II
Arkanoid: Revenge of DohBurger TimeWizballNebulusGauntlet
Rainbow IslandsOil ImperiumGrand Prix CircuitSuper CycleUridium
To Be On TopDig DugBomb JackKrakoutRaid over Moscow
River RaidSkate or Die!SpindizzyWho Dares Wins IISpy vs Spy
Zaxxon (Synapse)SnoopyImpossible Mission IIWho Dares WinsCaveman Ugh-Lympics
Falcon Patrol IIAsterix and the Magic CauldronNeuromancerVermeerBarbarian - The Ultimate Warrior
They Stole a MillionHard'n'HeavyAirborne RangerNorth & SouthThe Goonies
PaperboyPitstopBurnin RubberArmalyteMontezuma's Revenge
Kung-Fu MasterAlleykatGreen BeretArchon II - AdeptSamantha Fox Strip Poker
Seven Cities of GoldProject FirestartThe Train – Escape to NormandyLast Ninja 3Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory
TrailblazerInto the Eagle's NestBuck Rogers - Planet of ZoomScarabæusGrand Monster Slam
HighnoonClownsThe Last V8Murder on the MississippiDino Eggs
Kennedy ApproachWest BankJack the Nipper II – Coconut CapersArctic ShipwreckLe Mans
Beach-HeadAce of AcesStreet SurferPac-Man3D Pinball
BarbieX-OutRodlandLords of DoomCauldron
Revs+The Games – Summer EditionTrivial PursuitDropzoneB.C. II - Grog's Revenge
Cliff HangerBeach-Head II – The dictator strikes backAgricolaJumpmanAlternative World Games
Clever & SmartCreaturesTurrican IIIOils WellSolomon's Key
Miner 2049'erJack the NipperBattleshipsThe Games – Winter EditionGlücks-Rad (Gametek)
Desert FoxEnduro RacerDragon WarsHeart of AfricaAtomino
Ultima VI – The False ProphetDeflektorJumpman JuniorForbidden ForestGalaxy (Kingsoft)
Stix (Supersoft)Return of the Jedi4x4 Off-Road RacingWinter Olympiad 88Strip Poker
Star Wars (Domark)DefenderJupiter LanderUltima III – ExodusRick Dangerous
Raid on Bungeling BayHanseBurger Time '97Stunt Car RacerLazy Jones
Indiana Jones and the last CrusadeFrogger (Parker Brothers)Out Run (EU)ZorroBeamrider
Battle ChessMafiaMr.Do!EnforcerSteel Thunder
PlatoonZoo ManiaSphericalJoe Gunn - Gold EditionFrankie goes to Hollywood
TetrisKoronis RiftHyper SportsMadnessSkramble
Bounty Bob Strikes Back!Battle through TimeSpy HunterSword of FargoalCombat School
Colossus ChessGyrussMikieOperation WolfAlien Syndrome
TapperSave New YorkRobin of the WoodZeppelinPac-Land
The Empire Strikes BackAttack of the Mutant CamelsDouble Dragon (Melbourne House)Prince of PersiaFugger
Mission ElevatorStreet Sports BasketballDruidHat TrickBlue Angel 69
BanditsAliens (Activision)Flaschbier 2007Indoor SportsGhettoblaster
Summer OlympiadRambo: First Blood Part II5th GearMountie Mick's DeathrideThe North Sea Inferno
HighlanderThe SentinelTau CetiSpelunkerDelta
IO – Into OblivionS.E.U.C.K.G.I. JoeBarry McGuigan World Championship BoxingTarget Renegade
MechanicusThe Big DealA Journey to the Centre of the EarthSquish 'emJungle Hunt
GryzorAliens (Electric Dreams Software)Mario Bros (Atari)ACE: Air Combat EmulatorCongo Bongo (1983)
Friday the 13thDinky DooIndiana Jones and the Temple of DoomAlter EgoMidnight Resistance
Wonder Boy in Monster LandThe EidolonUltima IV – Quest of the AvatarCybernoid: The Fighting MachineMonty on the Run
Frogger (Sierra Online, Inc.)Street Sports BaseballTheatre EuropeRoad RunnerThe Trap Door
One on One: Julius Erving and Larry BirdApollo 18 – Mission to the MoonFrantic FreddieSplit PersonalitiesKarateka
Pharaoh's CursePooyanMaster of the LampsPower at SeaBlack Hawk
Ms. Pac-ManLightforceKaneIridis AlphaExterminator
Pole PositionDragonsdenGorfCrazy CometsIndiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
GremlinsHot WheelsDancing MonsterCrillionBomberman C64
FireTrapOmidarThrustFlimbo's QuestVendetta
Hunter's MoonSkyfoxMega ApocalypseBop'n RumbleNibbly '92
PacmaniaThe Movie Monster GameStreet Sports SoccerStrategoHacker
BedlamHover BovverNight Mission PinballVixenBozo's Night Out
Gold QuestGold Quest III, BallPinball SpectacularWasteland
Pool of RadianceIt's MagicSinbad and the Throne of the FalconAccolade ComicsPinball Dreams C64 Preview
Pac-ManiaThe UntouchablesGribbly's Day OutGBA Championship Basketball (Two on Two)Metal Warrior
Log!calSuper PipelineHenry's HouseHostagesSlap Fight
BrickoutBMX SimulatorRally SpeedwaySpace-PilotCavelon
Moon PatrolPengoGold Quest IIIProject Stealth FighterDucks Ahoy!
Slalom (Ultimax)Artillery DuelWarhawkBattleTech – The Crescent Hawk's InceptionLicence to Kill
DrelbsNeptune's DaughtersJet Set WillyHypa-BallPitfall (Activision)
TazzPHM PegasusMagic MadnessCoalminerJack Attack
Eskimo GamesSecret of KandarOelMario Bros (Ocean)Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom
ConanStar Wars (Parker Brothers)Rainbow DragonColorsRadar Rat Race
AldebaranSupergameInfiltratorBarbarian II - The Dungeon of DraxTimes of Lore
WizardSalamanderPark PatrolSuper NibblyBombuzal
StarquakeCrillion '93ZynapsMermaid MadnessChampions of Krynn
Water PoloManic MinerClystronQ*bertGateway to Apshai
Captain BloodJr. Pac-ManShadow of the BeastKlaxFlight Simulator II
Spike's PeakBlaggerWavy NavyHades NebulaSabre Wulf
Joe BladePitfall IINight RacerHunchbackTelengard
Turrican III PreviewSnokieBlueprintKettleIron Horse
The Living DaylightsOmega RaceBack To The FutureTurmoilZauberschloß
BaccarooBooga BooUltima V – Warriors of DestinyKnight 'n' GrailNippon
R.M.S. TitanicYie Ar Kung-FuCrime TimeZamzaraSanxion
SpikeJim SlimPP HammerLords of ConquestFootball Manager
First StrikeWinter CampBundesliga Manager V2.0Mail Order MonstersRanarama
TrafficLady TutInfernal RunnerCongo Bongo (1985)Shamus
Golden AxeMatch PointMarble MadnessHelikopter JagdNibly
UnderwurldeOlympic SkierBattle of BritainAgent USAApple Cider Spider
Chambers of ShaolinHard Hat MackAlienYie Ar Kung-Fu IIOn the Tiles
HägarTooth InvadersUltima I – The First Age of DarknessGlider RiderGold Quest 2007
Castle WolfensteinGridrunnerPoster PasterLas Vegas CasinoAxis Assassin
Lunar LeeperCaverns of KhafkaMissile CommandHyper DuelNewcomer
Ultima II – The Revenge of the Enchantress!Gruds in SpaceLords of MidnightPhobiaStormlord
Psi 5 Trading CompanyCosmoxSurvivorDark CavesFire Ant
PuzznicFox Fights Back!Terror Of The DeepAd InfinitumDie Erbschaft – Panik in Las Vegas
EncounterZombiFortress (SSI)Gold Quest 4APB
Pole Position IIArcanaSnareZaxxon (Sega)Brain Spasm
Harvey Smith ShowjumperDas Schwarze SchloßStreet Fighter (US Gold)Final FightAsi – Planet des Todes
Color CatcherArcadia 64Imperator (Thomas R. A. Wolf)ErotikaAdventure of the Year
Gremlins – The AdventureOut Run (US)The RatsF-14 TomcatPortal – A Computer Novel
Th!nk CrossDouble Dragon II - The RevengeThe Fidelity Chessmaster 2100Murder on the ZinderneufComplex
Eagle EmpireAirlineThe HeistThe Blade of BlackpooleKangarudy
Fairlight – A PreludeOllie's FolliesCrossfireFalcon PatrolBoneCruncher
Super Pac-ManPunkt...Punkt...PunktGoldshaftThe Hunt for Red October (1990)Exolon
Revenge of the Mutant CamelsLaser ZoneSpace Battle deluxe V2.3Bomb SquadLazarian
Space TrapJammin'Cosmic CruiserMetaplexGhostbusters II
Eagle EyesStreet Fighter IIMemory ManorStreet Fighter (Go!)Jack Charlton's Match Fishing
Mindreader 64ComputershopPresswurst II Liquid EditionStrike FleetLapis Philosophorum – Der Stein der Weisen
Ski or DieBatman - The MovieThe Newzealand StoryDas DrachentalDrol
Advanced Space BattleRealm of ImpossibilityIvan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off RoadTrash CoursePogo Joe
Son of BlaggerMutantsSpace PopeGumballSunny Shine – On the Funny Side of Life
WickedNecromancerThe Curse of SherwoodMean StreetsRex I
Space HarrierSu SweetFrogger II: ThreeeDeep!Die PyramideChimera
Trollie WallieMissionF1 ManagerInternational Speedway3D-Vier-Gewinnt
Happy-ChessLadybugSpittis SearchGun DogsBalloonacy 2
BalloonacyThe Tomb of DraculaSammy LightfootHyper AggressiveSuicide Voyage
Das Gianna-Sisters Construction-KitNick Faldo plays the OpenDino WarsNutcrakaEmanuelle
Maria's Christmas BoxCromwell HouseKampf um ThurnKey FindersRobox
Rocket RangerPing PongThe Great American Cross-Country Road Race0° NordAuf Wiedersehen Monty
Batman - The Caped CrusaderDie HöhleBrubakerBomb Chase RevivalTSB
Infiltrator Part II - The Next DayMasqueradePopeyeChameleonThe Chessmaster 2000
Thing on a SpringPowerplay – The Game of the GodsOperation HongkongKampfgruppeThe Yawn
Flash!Rabbit PieShredz64TubyxMicrogo1
Last GladiatorSpace BusinessDas Maya-GrabGary Lineker's Hot-Shot!Microchess
Litti's Hot-Shot!Dallax – Sex und Crime in SouthforkBunny JagdSuper SmashA View to a Kill
Dream GirlsErotika IIISatan's HollowLoganDirty
StarforceNATO CommanderSpacefighterEureka!Rocket Roger
Sargon IIIGeopolitique 1990Mickey's Space AdventureSerpentineFirequest
Tygus HorxR-Type PreviewCastle of DoomDer verlassene PlanetDie versunkene Stadt
Gold Quest 5Stellar 7Silicon SyborgsSatanJara-Tava - The Isle of Fire
KillerwattThe Clone WarsHi Ska DoAirwolfDictator
QuadranoidSex MissionErotika IIUchi MataDark Lord
StümpThe HouseBiffBattle for NormandyStrike Force Cobra
AstrolabBatalyxSlinkysubLOGIC Scenery DisksMr. Cool
OHGDas Grab des PharaoPsychoSargon IISalvage
ReportSpeed-O-CyclesMiami ViceAsterix und Obelix - Die OdysseyFantasy Girl
The SwordGreenhouseA Bee C'sMuellomatThe Master Of Magic
ShinobiDie InselAtlantis (Ariolasoft)Der SeelenloseThe Standing Stones
Short CircuitSlurpyRoad to MoscowTuorThe Baker Street Kids – The Boy Jesus
ColdiarusOdyssey - Kampf mit der WildnisStein der Weisen (Public Domain)Arc DoorsDouble Dragon (Ocean)
Moby DickRings of MedusaOBY 1Zauberschloß IIDouble Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone
NewquartsQuasimodo - Herrscher der KartanenSex GamesLeather Goddesses of PhobosWarlord
Monty MoleLimes & Napoleon   

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