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Das englischsprachige Kilobyte Magazine wird von Boris Kretzinger herausgegeben. Die erste Ausgabe erschien im Juni 2016. Es kann im Internet kostenlos als Download bezogen werden. Bisher sind fünf Ausgaben erschienen.


Ausgabe 01/2016 Erstausgabe "FLOPPY-DISKS" (01. Juni 2016)
  • PORTRAIT: Alan Shugart, father of the 5.25" floppy disk.
  • DISCOVER: The art of floppy disk sleeves: start of a seriers presenting the nicest disk covers.
  • ONEINETYNINE: A new Kickstarter campgaign seels to fund a history book about Mastertronic games. And yes, all of them.
  • DUST: New plastic dust covers for old computer like Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Atari XE and more.
  • INSIGHT: Short overview about magnetic fields, ferric particles and antistatic fleece.
  • SIXTYFAKE: New 64 aim to be a modern C64 sucessor. Is it a real computer for the price of a toy?

Ausgabe 02/2016 "CHIPS 'N' GAMES" (26. September 2016)

Ausgabe 01/2017 "ALTERNATIVE MEDIA" (17. Februar 2017)
  • COLLECTIBLES: Some suggestions to complete your personal nerdvanas
  • DISCOVER: The art of floppy disk sleeves: presenting the nicest disk covers
  • TURN DISK OVER: Have former manufacturers of floppy disks any stock left someplace?
  • TAPECART: Martin Wendt and Ingo Korb make the tape port great again with this special cartridge
  • PRESS PLAY: How CD games found their way into the C64 – and who was behind it
  • SUNGLASSES: Not only useful at night, but also with green text on black screens
  • CHINESE CHIPS: Ever wondered where all the supply for old MOS chips comes from?
  • GAME ON:

Ausgabe 02/2017 "It's On Tape!" (23. August 2017)
  • Discover: The art of floppy disk sleeves: presenting the nicest disk covers
  • Board Wars: Two new C64 mainboard concepts 35 years after the initial release of the machine itself - great time!
  • Loaded: Brand new ferric tapes made in Germany
  • Prototype: How a prototype board of a C16 showed up online - and what the fuzz is all about
  • First: All the hype with freezers really started way before Action Replay or Final Cartridge way back in 1984
  • Dirty Deeds: Don't throw dorty disks away, clean them. With windex and cotton buds
  • Gamescom: It really should be renamed to Retrocom because there is so much going on there
  • Game On:

Ausgabe 03/2017 "Control Issues" (30. Dezember 2017)
  • Discover: The art of floppy disk sleeves: presenting the nicest disk covers
  • Logo: 50 years of LOGO: More than a child‘s game
  • Virtual reality: How a Commodore 64 can produce VR images
  • Print: Book review: Making games for the Atari 2600
  • A rare kind: How to make scrolling possible on the Interton VC4000. Programming the Signetics 2650A
  • Game On:

Ausgabe 01/2018 "Playig with Power" (15. April 2018)
  • Discover: The art of floppy disk sleeves: presenting the nicest disk covers
  • Playtime: Mattel is best known for Hot Wheels and Barbie. But did you ever hear about Computer Warriors?
  • A unique city: Dun Aarach: How realistic and vivid can a game city for an 8bit computer be?
  • The last stand: Nintendo dominated the console business in the 80s since the NES. But Atari was in for one last battle...
  • All clean How to clean your floppy disks with ease
  • Floppy flop: The floppy standard you probably never knew existed
  • Portrait Alf Yngve: Did you ever play a good SEUCK? Then this is probably the guy responsible for it
  • Game On:

Ausgabe 02/2018 "A MIND OF ITS OWN" (6. September 2018)
  • Discover: The art of floppy disk sleeves: presenting the nicest disk covers
  • Interview: The Power is back: An Interview with Andrzej Wisniewski who sells new power supplies for old Commodore computers
  • Into sunset: Their ideal was Activision, but "Games by Apollo" burned his wings quickly
  • AI in 8bit: Eliza, Turing and the limitations of artificial intelligence on 8bit machines – and why it‘s still fascinating
  • Portrait: Mr. & Mrs. Atari: How a couple started collecting all things Atari, what it means to them and why it‘s all about this brand
  • Joystick upgrades: Long before the Booster Boy for the Nintendo Gameboy, there was more than enough equipment for the Atari CX40 joystick
  • Priceless: How did prices for vintage PCs do over the last ten years – and why you shouldn‘t was your time collecting them as an future inevestment
  • Game on: Games for C64, 7800, CPC & INTV