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Alle Spiele (ohne Flops) mit den besten Bewertungen.

Pirates!Maniac MansionZak McKracken and the Alien MindbendersBubble BobbleBoulder Dash
Last Ninja 2The Great Giana SistersArchonTurrican IIWinter Games
VermeerPrince of PersiaImpossible MissionIK+Summer Games
International KarateTurricanSummer Games IIKatakisArmalyte
The Bard's TaleThe Last NinjaNeuromancerWastelandAlter Ego
World GamesFort ApocalypseLemmingsDragon WarsSpace Taxi
M.U.L.E.X-OutWizballEliteSeven Cities of Gold
Ultima V – Warriors of DestinyLittle Computer PeopleDefender of the CrownRainbow IslandsWizard of Wor
They Stole a MillionMicroprose SoccerCaren and the Tangled TentaclesProject FirestartPool of Radiance
RodlandThe SentinelMafiaGrand Prix CircuitEnforcer
Oil ImperiumBarbarian - The Ultimate WarriorMr.Do!The Bard's Tale III: The Thief of FateThe Pawn
Zeit der StilleCalifornia GamesGunshipHard'n'HeavyUltima III – Exodus
LeaderboardTau CetiParadroidDavid's Midnight MagicScarabæus
HawkeyeCreaturesLode RunnerSteel ThunderInfiltrator
The Train – Escape to NormandyKnight 'n' GrailTimes of LoreFrogger ArcadeSkate or Die!
KrakoutThe Way of the Exploding FistR-TypeLaw of the WestImpossible Mission II
Heart of AfricaH.E.R.O. Helicopter Emergency Rescue OperationBruce LeeArkanoidMidnight Resistance
Oils WellTurrican IIIMontezuma's RevengeNebulusZoo Mania
FuggerBarbarian II - The Dungeon of DraxDie PrüfungKaiserSpherical
The Castles of Doctor CreepWonder Boy in Monster LandBlue MaxCrillionIt's Magic
R.M.S. TitanicDonkey Kong JuniorTest Drive IINewcomerPitstop II
Mission ElevatorJoe Gunn - Gold EditionUltima IV – Quest of the AvatarCromwell HouseBombuzal
Ghosts'n GoblinsUltima VI – The False ProphetPark PatrolNipponSinbad and the Throne of the Falcon
SpindizzyDeltaBuggy BoyInternational SoccerThe Eidolon
SpelunkerBeach-HeadSalamanderHeroes & CowardsSuper Cycle
WizardAtominoYie Ar Kung-FuPlatoonRevs+
Murder on the MississippiRaid on Bungeling BayCybernoid: The Fighting MachineSoullessArkanoid: Revenge of Doh
Lords of DoomCrime TimeRick DangerousSolomon's KeyLast Ninja 3
Super NibblyNemesis (Konami)Airborne RangerIO – Into OblivionBomberman C64
DecathlonMr. Robot and his Robot FactoryCommandoStarquakeAccolade Comics
UridiumHanseNorth & SouthCauldronZamzara
Dino EggsThe Master Of MagicSatan's HollowPinball Dreams C64 PreviewPac-Mania
Strike FleetStreet Sports BasketballKennedy ApproachRaid over MoscowWho Dares Wins
GhostbustersMonty on the RunUltima II – The Revenge of the Enchantress!Lords of MidnightZynaps
FireTrapOmidarS.E.U.C.K.Donald Duck's PlaygroundThe Untouchables
Frogger (Sierra Online, Inc.)Spy HunterFrankie goes to HollywoodDeflektorStunt Car Racer
Miner 2049'erWho Dares Wins IICaveman Ugh-LympicsTetrisVendetta
SanxionSpikeGruds in SpaceThe Bard's Tale II: The Destiny KnightKnight Orc
B.C.'s Quest for TiresTest DriveThe Trap DoorSpy vs SpyFootball Manager
ThrustWonder BoyThe Games – Summer EditionHyper SportsGremlins – The Adventure
Kung-Fu MasterWest BankBMX SimulatorOne on One: Julius Erving and Larry BirdTheatre Europe
Burger Time '97Dark LordTarget RenegadeGrand Monster SlamSkyfox
Flimbo's QuestColossus ChessDropzoneMechanicusDruid
GBA Championship Basketball (Two on Two)The Guild of ThievesSuper PipelineShinobiGyruss
Trivial PursuitStormlordJim SlimHunter's MoonSkramble
Jack the NipperRoad RunnerMadnessSword of FargoalMermaid Madness
Metal WarriorKampf um ThurnKey FindersRoboxBionic Commando
Koronis RiftStreet Sports BaseballLog!calGribbly's Day OutPP Hammer
Uchi MataHostagesApollo 18 – Mission to the MoonThe GooniesBounty Bob Strikes Back!
Combat SchoolRanaramaPsi 5 Trading CompanyBattyGauntlet
Barry McGuigan World Championship BoxingThe RatsDonkey Kong (Atarisoft)Henry's HouseMikie
Green BeretChampions of KrynnLapis Philosophorum – Der Stein der WeisenOut Run (US)Stümp
LoganTo Be On TopThe Games – Winter EditionSlap FightFrantic Freddie
Split PersonalitiesPhobiaBattle through TimeGhouls 'n GhostsG.I. Joe
Bundesliga Manager V2.0Hat TrickWater PoloRally SpeedwayPing Pong
The Great American Cross-Country Road RaceBatman - The MovieDrolThe BrewShotgun
Mask of the SunBlue Angel 69Crillion '93BrickoutJack the Nipper II – Coconut Capers
Das DrachentalSki or DieF-14 TomcatPortal – A Computer NovelManic Miner
AlleykatArchon II - AdeptJumpman JuniorB.C. II - Grog's RevengeThe Newzealand Story
Rocket RangerCosmoxBattleshipsFirst StrikeChoplifter
Lords of ConquestTrailblazerPharaoh's CursePooyanKarateka
Advanced Space BattleInto the Eagle's NestRiver RaidTh!nk CrossLazy Jones
Cliff HangerIvan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off RoadCavelonNibbly '92Paperboy
Power at SeaBop'n RumbleMaster of the LampsThe Big DealBeach-Head II – The dictator strikes back
Forbidden ForestMega ApocalypseA Journey to the Centre of the EarthWinter CampFire Ant
BrubakerDouble Dragon II - The RevengeStarforceNATO CommanderCRX Race
NemesisFalcon Patrol IIAztec ChallengeOperation WolfIndiana Jones and the last Crusade
Dig DugSpace-PilotPacmaniaMoon PatrolMail Order Monsters
Dark CavesTrafficLady TutZaxxon (Synapse)Realm of Impossibility
The Fidelity Chessmaster 2100Save New YorkAuf Wiedersehen MontyTrash CourseBandits
DirtyDie HöhleTSBAce of Aces1942
PitstopKlaxProject Stealth FighterFlight Simulator IIAliens (Activision)
Die InselAtlantis (Ariolasoft)The HouseFox Fights Back!Congo Bongo (1985)
Street Sports SoccerAirlineMurder on the ZinderneufPuzznicTerror Of The Deep
HighnoonAlien SyndromeMutantsEagle EmpireInfernal Runner
Wavy NavyGold Quest IIIPogo JoeSon of BlaggerAgricola
Q*bertInfiltrator Part II - The Next DayShadow of the BeastTapperPengo
Ducks Ahoy!Artillery DuelAd InfinitumShort CircuitSpacefighter
Eureka!KaneFlaschbier 2007Slalom (Ultimax)Sunny Shine – On the Funny Side of Life
Squish 'emShamusDie Erbschaft – Panik in Las VegasGateway to ApshaiBiff
Jet Set WillyBlack HawkMasqueradeGalaxy (Kingsoft)The Heist
Match PointClystronThe Movie Monster GameStrategoStreet Surfer
Frogger (Parker Brothers)Ms. Pac-ManGolden AxeComplexRed Moon
The Standing StonesBomb JackJr. Pac-ManBatman - The Caped CrusaderIndoor Sports
Pac-ManCaptain BloodSurvivorZombiHelikopter Jagd
Glücks-Rad (Gametek)GryzorBlaggerPopeyeThe Yawn
0° NordSpace PopeGumballWickedBMX Simulator 2
Desert FoxMean StreetsLightforceGhettoblasterSpike's Peak
Hades NebulaDer SeelenloseMarble MadnessThe Chessmaster 2000Powerplay – The Game of the Gods
Operation HongkongKampfgruppeMario Bros (Atari)Jungle HuntBomb Chase Revival
The Blade of BlackpooleOut Run (EU)Arctic ShipwreckFortress (SSI)Nibly
PitfallHackerBattleTech – The Crescent Hawk's InceptionBedlamRobin of the Wood
Rambo: First Blood Part IIZeppelinPole PositionLicence to KillWarhawk
Hover BovverAgent USASim CityGold Quest 4Chameleon
Thing on a SpringNecromancerBattle for NormandyRocket RogerRoad to Moscow
Fighter BomberIridis AlphaExterminatorDrelbsNeptune's Daughters
UnderwurldeBattle of BritainThe Curse of SherwoodFairlight – A PreludeOllie's Follies
Summer OlympiadHypa-BallOlympic SkierAlienMega Starforce
Leather Goddesses of PhobosRings of MedusaCrossfireJumpmanRex I
Zaxxon (Sega)ExolonApple Cider SpiderSargon IIIGeopolitique 1990
Mickey's Space AdventureSerpentineMicrogo1FirequestSu Sweet
Chambers of ShaolinVixenAliens (Electric Dreams Software)Sabre WulfKangarudy
Space HarrierFalcon PatrolBoneCruncherAPBPole Position II
Strike Force CobraFlash!Monty MoleZorroEncounter
Hard Hat MackMountie Mick's Deathride5th GearLe MansJoe Blade
Night RacerKnights of LegendSlurpyStix (Supersoft)Frogger II: ThreeeDeep!
Super Pac-ManPitfall IINight Mission PinballArcanaBatalyx
Tygus HorxDer Stein der Weisen (Kingsoft)WarlordBeamriderR-Type Preview
3D-Vier-GewinntYie Ar Kung-Fu IIHunchbackAlternative World GamesUltima I – The First Age of Darkness
Dragon's LairBurnin RubberPunkt...Punkt...PunktACE: Air Combat EmulatorSnare
Trap Them 64TuorBrain SpasmPac-LandBurger Time
Turrican III PreviewTazzPHM PegasusCastle of DoomDer verlassene Planet
Die versunkene StadtCoalminerDragonsdenDie PyramideChimera
GoldshaftOn the TilesHägarTelengardBozo's Night Out
GorfCrazy CometsReturn of the JediWinter Olympiad 88Congo Bongo (1983)
The Living DaylightsBlueprintSnokieTooth InvadersMission
F1 ManagerThe Hunt for Red October (1990)Revenge of the Mutant CamelsShredz64Gold Quest 5
AstrolabsubLOGIC Scenery DisksColdiarusArc DoorsESWAT
4x4 Off-Road RacingMario Bros (Ocean)OelIron HorseJack Attack
Glider RiderGold Quest 2007Castle WolfensteinGridrunnerInternational Speedway
Laser ZoneBattle ChessEskimo GamesStellar 7Silicon Syborgs
Secret of KandarMr. CoolOHG3D PinballThe Hobbit
Nemesis (British Software)C-2048Strip PokerTrollie WallieSpace Battle deluxe V2.3
KettleRabbit PieOBY 1Jara-Tava - The Isle of FireTubyx
Friday the 13thMagic MadnessGianna Sisters Construction KitHarvey Smith ShowjumperBallblazer
SlinkyKillerwattThe Clone WarsGold QuestLadybug
Bomb SquadOmega RaceDer Kleine HobbitIndiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisSpittis Search
Poster PasterStar Wars (Domark)Moby DickDouble Dragon (Ocean)Back To The Future
NinjaHi Ska DoThe Empire Strikes BackGun DogsZauberschloß II
LazarianI, BallClownsGold Quest IIEnduro Racer
SatanHappy-ChessBalloonacy 2Buck Rogers - Planet of ZoomGremlins
DefenderDinky DooTurmoilDas Schwert SkarLimes & Napoleon
Ghostbusters IIStreet Fighter (US Gold)Space TrapIndiana Jones and the Temple of DoomHot Wheels
DictatorLast GladiatorZauberschloßThe Baker Street Kids – The Boy JesusDas Grab des Pharao
Indiana Jones in the Lost KingdomAirwolfSagor der ErobererQuadranoidLas Vegas Casino
Attack of the Mutant CamelsDas Schwarze SchloßThe Tomb of DraculaPsychoSargon II
Double Dragon (Melbourne House)BalloonacyCosmic CruiserWings of FuryAxis Assassin
The North Sea InfernoConanDouble Dragon III - The Rosetta StoneNewquartsJammin'
Asterix and the Magic CauldronSalvageSpace BusinessHyper AggressiveEagle Eyes
ColorsStar Wars (Parker Brothers)Pinball Spectacular  

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